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2022 Program - Economic Outlook Survey

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November 14, 2023 – December 15, 2023

Get feedback from business leaders and entrepreneurs about your economic region. +1 734.355.8232


The Economic Outlook Survey is an online survey that gathers the perspectives of business leaders and entrepreneurs on the economic outlook for their organizations and their economic regions. US and Canada chambers of commerce, business associations, and economic development groups are invited to distribute this survey to their members. In return, each participating association receives a free report on their results as well as the overall results.

This program is offered at no charge in an effort to promote the value private sector growth. Our goal is to work with associations to support startups and business growth throughout the US and Canada.

If your association would like to participate in the 2025 survey, complete the form below. 

SMS Notices

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Detroit Economic Club – SLIDES

2022 Michigan Economic Outlook Survey

Detroit Economic Club – VIDEO

Detroit Economic Club – SLIDES

2022 Michigan Economic Outlook

Detroit Economic Club – VIDEO

Detroit Economic Club – SLIDES

2021 Michigan Economic Outlook Survey

Detroit Economic Club – VIDEO

2019 Economic Outlook Survey
Detroit Economic Club – VIDEO

2017 Economic Outlook Survey
Detroit Economic Club – VIDEO

2016 Economic Outlook Survey
Detroit Economic Club – VIDEO

2014 Results Discussion
Comcast Newsmakers – VIDEO

2014 Economic Outlook Survey
Detroit Economic Club – VIDEO


Abbotsford Chamber
Abbotsford-Colby Area Chamber
Abilene CVB
Abilene Eco. Dev. Commission.
Adams County Chamber & Tourism
Adams County Travel & Visitors Bur.
Addison County Chamber of Commerce
African American Chamber of Western PA
Alaska Travel Industry Assn.
Albert Lea CVB
Albert Lea-Freeborn County Chamber
Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber
Allegany County Ofc. of Dev.
Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau
Allen Fairview Chamber
Alma Chamber
Alpena Area Chamber
Alpine County Chamber
Amityville Chamber
Anchor Bay Chamber of Commerce
Andover Area Chamber of Commerce
Andrews Chamber & CVB
Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Reg. Chamber
Anthony Chamber
Antigo/Langlade County Chamber
Antigonish Chamber
Arborg & Dist. Chamber
Ardmore Chamber
Armstrong County Dept. of Eco. Dev.
Ashland Area Chamber
Auburndale Chamber
Baffin Reg. Chamber
Baker Strategy Group
Baldwin City Chamber
Baraga County Chamber
Barrow County Chamber
Baxley-Appling County Chamber
Bay City Chamber & Ag.
Bayfield Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau
Beech Mountain Chamber
Bellaire Area Chamber of Commerce
Belleville Area Chamber
Bellevue Area Chamber
Berne Chamber
Berryville Chamber of Commerce
Bigfork Area Chamber
Billings Area Chamber
Black Mountain-Swannanoa Chamber
Blackfoot Chamber
Blackstone Chamber
Blackstone Valley Chamber
Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce
Bobcaygeon Chamber
Bolingbrook Area Chamber
Bonner Springs-Edwardsville Area Chamber
Boone County Chamber of Commerce
Bracebridge Chamber
Brinkley Chamber
Bruce Chamber
Brunswick-Golden Isles Visitors Bur.
Buchanan Area Chamber
Bulverde/Spring Branch Economic Development Foundation
Bulverde-Spring Branch Area Chamber
Burbank Chamber of Commerce
Burbank Eco. Dev.
Burke County Chamber
Byrdstown-Pickett County Chamber
Byron Area Chamber
Cache Chamber
Cadillac Area Visitors Bur.
California Delta Chamber & Visitors Bur.
Calistoga Chamber
Campbellsport Chamber
Campbellton Reg. Chamber
Canadian- Hemphill Economic Development Corp.
Canal Fulton Area Chamber of Commerce
Canton Area Chamber
Capital Reg. Dev. Cncl.
Carbon County Eco. Dev. Corp.
Carbon County Visitors Cncl.
Carbon Valley Chamber
Carey Area Chamber
Carlsbad Dept. of Dev.
Carman & Comm. Chamber
Carolina Foothills Chamber
Carson City Area Chamber
Castlegar & Dist. Chamber
Cedar City Area Chamber
Cedar City/Brian Head Tourism
Cedar City/Brian Head Tourism & Conv. Bur.
Central Delaware Chamber
Central Vermont Chamber
Centre Wellington Chamber
Cerritos Reg. Chamber
Chamber of Commerce of Sandusky County
Chamber of Newtown Inc.
Chamber of Sandusky County
Champaign County Chamber of Commerce
Charlevoix Area CVB
Chatsworth-Murray County Chamber
Cherokee Area Eco. Dev. Corp.
Chilliwack Chamber
Chippewa County Eco. Dev. Corp.
Churchill Chamber
City of Brownwood
City of Northglenn Eco. Dev.
City of Tecumseh Eco. Dev. Dept.
City of Wahpeton Eco. Dev. Dept.
City of Washington
City of Wheat Ridge
Clare Area Chamber
Clarion Area Chamber of Business & Ind.
Clay County Partnership Chamber of Commerce
Clinton CVB
Coalinga Area Chamber
Coldwater Country CVB
Colonial Beach Chamber
Columbiana Area Chamber
Columbus Chamber
Columbus Comm. Dev.
Columbus CVB
Conrad Chamber-Main Street
Copiague Chamber
Cordele-Crisp Chamber
Corning Area Chamber
Corry Area Chamber
Cotati Chamber
Cotulla-La Salle County Chamber
Covington County Chamber
Cowichan Lake District Chamber
Creede-Mineral County Chamber
Crescent City/Del Norte County Chamber of Commerce
Crescent City/Del Norte County Chamber of Commerce & Crescent City/Del Norte County Visitors Bureau
Creston Chamber
Cross Plains Area Chamber
Cuyuna Lakes Chamber
Darke County Chamber
Dawson Creek & Dist. Chamber
Dayton Chamber & Visitor Center
De Soto Chamber of Commerce
Decatur Area CVB
Decatur Chamber
DeKalb Tourism.Inc
Delta Area Chamber of Commerce
Denali Chamber
Destination Seneca County
Detroit Regional Chamber
Dev. Auth. of Mercer County
Devon & Dist. Chamber
Didsbury & Dist. Chamber
Dodge City/Ford County Dev. Corp.
Downtown Development Authority
Draper Area Chamber
Dumas/Moore County Chamber
Dunn County Eco. Dev. Corp.
Dyersville Area Chamber
East Bay Chamber
East Greenwich Chamber
East Side Chamber
Eco. Dev. Alliance for Brazoria County
Eco. Dev. Coalition of Southwest Indiana
Economic Development Alliance for Brazoria County
Edmond CVB
Edmundston Reg. Chamber
Edwardsville/Glen Carbon Chamber of Commerce
Eiler Communications
El Dorado Chamber
Elier Communications
Ellsworth Area Chamber
Eloy Chamber of Commerce
Ely Chamber
Enderby & District Chamber
Eufaula Area Chamber
Fairmont Area Chamber
Fairmont CVB
Fairmont Eco. Dev. Auth.
Falls City Area Chamber
Fayette Chamber Betterment Found.
Fisher Branch Chamber
Flin Flon & Dist. Chamber
Florence County Chamber
Florence County Eco. Dev.
Forsyth Chamber
Fort Bend Chamber
Fort Davis Chamber
Fort Madison Area Chamber
Fort QuÂ’Appelle & Dist. Chamber
Fort Scott Area Chamber
Fort St. James Chamber
Frankfort Area Chamber
Frankfort Chamber
Franklin County Chamber
Franklin County Dev. Assn.
Fulton Eco. Dev. Corp.
Gahanna Area Chamber of Commerce
Galena Area Chamber
Galesburg Area CVB
Galiano Island Chamber
Garrard County Chamber
Gem County Chamber
Georgetown-Scott County Chamber
Gilbert Chamber
Gillespie County EDC
Gilroy Visitors Bur.
Glasgow Area Chamber
Glendive Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture
Glendora Chamber
Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association
Gloucester Parks, Rec.
Gold River Chamber
Goodyear Economic Development Department
Gothenburg Area Chamber
Graham County Chamber
Granada Hills Chamber
Granby Chamber of Commerce
Grand Terrace Area Chamber
Grant County Chamber & Visitors Center
Grapevine CVB
Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau
Greater Allegany County Chamber
Greater Antelope Valley Eco. Alliance
Greater Bangor CVB
Greater Brighton Area Chamber
Greater Cazenovia Area Chamber
Greater Deerfield Beach Chamber
Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce
Greater Gratiot Dev. Inc.
Greater Hollywood Chamber
Greater Ketchikan Chamber
Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce
Greater Kingston Comm. Chamber
Greater Las Cruces Chamber
Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce
Greater Liverpool Chamber
Greater Millville Chamber
Greater New Braunfels Chamber Inc.
Greater Portsmouth Chamber
Greater Reedley Chamber
Greater Saint Charles County Chamber
Greater Saskatoon Chamber
Greater Scott County Chamber
Greater Soldotna Chamber & Visitor Info. Center
Greater Tomah Area Chamber
Greater Ukiah Chamber
Greater Zephyrhills Chamber of Commerce
Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce
Grey Highlands Chamber
Grimsby & Dist. Chamber
Grosse Pointe Chamber
Hackensack Chamber
Haines Chamber
Harbor City/Harbor Gateway Chamber
Hardin County Chamber
Harford County Chamber
Harney County Chamber
Harrison County Dev. Corp.
Harrodsburg-Mercer County Ind. Dev. Auth.
Hartington Chamber
Hawaii Island Eco. Dev. Bd.
Hazen Community Development, Inc.
Heart of Wisconsin Chamber
Henderson Eco. Dev. Corp.
Hesperia Chamber of Commerce
Hibbing Area Chamber
Higgins Lake-Roscommon Chamber
Hillsboro Area Chamber & CVB
Historic Silver Valley Chamber
Hobart Chamber
Holdenville Chamber of Commerce
Hopewell Ofc. of Tourism & Visitor Center
Huber Heights Chamber
Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber
Hugoton Area Chamber of Commerce
Hull/Nantasket Beach Chamber
Huntington County Visitor & Conv. Bur.
Indian Valley Chamber
Indiana Dunes Tourism
Indianola Chamber
Iowa Falls Area Development Corporation
Ipswich Chamber
Island County Eco. Dev. Cncl.
Jackson County Eco. Dev. Auth.
Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce
Jay County Dev. Corp.
Julian Chamber
Juneau Eco. Dev. Cncl.
Juneau Economic Development Council
Katy Area Chamber
Kelso Longview Chamber
Kent County Economic Development
Kent-Centre Chamber
Kicking Horse Country Chamber
Kindersley Chamber
Kingman Area Chamber
Kings County Eco. Dev. Corp.
Kings County Economic Development Corp.
Kirkwood-Des Peres Area Chamber
Kootenay Lake Chamber
La Crosse Area Dev. Corp.
Lake City/Hinsdale County Chamber
Lake Geneva CVB
Lake Gogebic Area Chamber
Lake Station Chamber
Lake Superior Community Partnership
Lake Township Chamber
Lake View East Chamber
Lake Wales Area Chamber
Lakeshore Chamber
Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce
Lancaster Area Chamber of Commerce
Langley Chamber & Visitor Info. Center
Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce
Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau
Lee Chamber
Les Cheneaux Islands Chamber
Letcher County Chamber
Lewis County Chamber of Commerce
Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber
Lisbon Area Chamber
Little Falls Area Chamber
Livermore Valley Chamber
Logan County Area Chamber
Logan County Comm. Improvement Corp.
Lombard Area Chamber
Lone Pine Chamber
Longview Chamber
Longville Chamber
Lorain County Comm. Dev.
Lowell Area Chamber
Luling Area Chamber & Visitor Center
Macomb County Chamber
Madelia Area Chamber & Visitor Bur.
Madeline Island Chamber
Madera County Eco. Dev. Comm.
Madison-Rivergate Area Chamber
Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce
Manhattan CVB
Manistee Area Chamber
Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce
Manvel Economic Development Corporation
Marinette County Assn. for Business & Ind.
Marion County Chamber
Marysville Chamber of Commerce
Mashpee Chamber
Mason Area Chamber
Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber
Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce
McCormick County Chamber
McDonald County Chamber
Mecosta County Area Chamber
Medicine Hat & District Chamber
Medina County CVB
Mequon-Thiensville Area Chamber
Mercer County Chamber
Mercer Island Chamber
Merkel Chamber & Eco. Dev. Corp.
Mexico Area Chamber
Michigan Works! Association
Midlands Authority for Conventions, Sports & Tourism
Milaca Area Chamber
Milton Area Chamber
Milton-Freewater Area Chamber
Mineola Economic Dev. Corporation
Minnedosa & Dist. Chamber
Minot Area Chamber
Miramar-Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber
Miramichi Chamber of Commerce
Molokaʻi Chamber
Molokai Chamber of Commerce
Monroeville/Monroe County Chamber
Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce
Monticello Area Chamber
Monticello-Wayne County Chamber
Mora Area Chamber
Morgan County CVB
Morris & Dist. Chamber
Mosinee Area Chamber
Moundridge Area Chamber
Mount Olive Area Chamber
Mount Pleasant Eco. Dev. Corp.
Mount Vernon Area Chamber of Commerce
Mountain Brook Chamber
MOVE Communications
Mt. Adams Chamber
Natchez-Adams County Dev. Auth.
Necedah Chamber
Nevada County Eco. Resource Cncl.
New Lisbon Area Chamber
Newport County Chamber
Niobrara Chamber
Noble County CVB
Noblesville Chamber
Nome Chamber
Nordonia Hills Chamber
North Newton Area Chamber
North Santiam Chamber
North Shuswap Chamber
Northeast Kingdom Chamber
Northern Gateway Reg. Chamber
Northwest Chamber c
Norton Area Chamber
OÂ’Neill Area Chamber
Oberlin Business Partnership
Obion County Chamber
Ocean Shores/North Beach Chamber
Oil Region Alliance of Business & Ind.
Ojai Valley Chamber
Okemo Valley Reg. Chamber
Old Town San Diego Chamber
Olney Chamber Of Commerce
Onawa Chamber
Orangeburg County Dev. Comm.
Orchard Park Chamber
Oregon Area Chamber
Oregon City Chamber
Orleans County Chamber
Osage Chamber
Oscoda Area CVB
Ouray Chamber Resort Assn.
Pacific Area Chamber
Pacific County Economic Development Council
Pagosa Springs Area Chamber
Paintsville/Johnson County Chamber
Palisade Chamber
Paragould Reg. Chamber
Paris Area Chamber
Park City CVB
Park Hills-Leadington Chamber of Commerce
Passaic County Dept. of Eco. Dev.
Paulding Chamber
Pawnee City Chamber
Peabody Area Chamber
Perris Valley Chamber
Perris Valley Chamber of Commerce
Perry Area CVB
Perry County Chamber
Perth & Dist. Chamber
Phillipsburg Chamber & Main Street
Pickens County Chamber
Pike County Chamber of Commerce
Pismo Beach Chamber & Visitors Info. Center
Plainville Chamber
Plano CVB
Platte County Chamber
Plattsmouth Chamber
Pleasure Island Chamber
Pocahontas Chamber
Pocono Mountains Eco. Dev.
Pocono Mountains Vacation Bur.
Port Neches Chamber
Port Sydney/Utterson & Area Chamber
Potsdam Chamber
Prince Rupert & Dist. Chamber
Pulaski Area Chamber
Pullman Chamber
Radium Hot Springs Chamber
Rancho Cordova Chamber
Randolph County Eco. Dev. Corp.
Rathdrum Area Chamber of Commerce
Rawlins-Carbon County Chamber
Red Bank Visitors Center
Red Wing Area Chamber
Red Wing Visitors & Conv. Bur.
Redondo Beach Chamber & Visitors Bur.
Redwood Area Development Corporation
Reg. Dev. Assn. of East Central Kansas
Renton Chamber
Rhinebeck Area Chamber
Rhinebeck Area Chamber of Commerce
Richfield Area Chamber
Richmond Area Chamber
Richmond Spring Grove Chamber of Commerce
River Country Chamber of Commerce of Newaygo County
River Valley Chamber
Rockport-Fulton Chamber
Rockwall Area Chamber
Rockwall Economic Development Corp.
Rogersville Area Chamber
Rolling Meadows Chamber
Roseau Civic & Commerce
Rossburn & Dist. Chamber
Rush County Eco.
Russell County Chamber
Rutherford County Chamber – Smyrna Branch
Sabine County Chamber
Safety Harbor Chamber
Salt Spring Island Chamber
San Anselmo Chamber
Saratoga Eco. Dev. Corp.
Sauk Centre CVB
Savanna Chamber
Schuylkill Chamber
Sealy Chamber
Searcy Reg. Chamber
Sechelt & Dist. Chamber
Shawnee Chamber
Shelby Area Chamber
Shenandoah County Tourism Cncl.
Silver City Grant County Chamber
Simcoe & Dist. Chamber
Simsbury Chamber
Sinton Chamber
Sioux Falls CVB
Sioux Lookout Chamber
Siren Area Chamber
Skagway Dev. Corp.
Skiatook Chamber
Sky Valley Chamber
South Fork Visitors Center
South Haven Area Chamber of Commerce
South Shore Conv. & Visitors Auth.
Southwest Michigan
Spearfish Eco. Dev. Corp.
Spring Green Area Chamber
Spring River Area Chamber
Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce
Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce
St. Anthony & Area Chamber
St. Charles Eco. Dev. Auth.
St. Francis Area Chamber of Commerce
St. JohnÂ’s Bd. of Trade
St. Joseph County Chamber
St. Lawrence County Chamber
Stanly County CVB
Starke County Chamber
Sterling Heights Reg. Chamber & Ind.
Stewart County Chamber of Commerce
Stoughton Chamber
Sublette County Chamber
Sullivan Chamber & Eco. Dev.
Sullivan County Chamber Of Commerce
Sussex and Dist. Chamber
Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce
Talihina Chamber
Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber
Tavares Chamber
Tazewell Area Chamber
Teaneck Chamber
The Chamber of Commerce, Inc. [Windham Region]
The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County
The Detroit Economic Club
The Economic Club of Grand Rapids
Thomaston-Upson Chamber
Three Lakes Area Chamber
Tipton County Chamber
Tomahawk Reg. Chamber
Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce
Tompkinsville/Monroe County Chamber & Eco. Dev.
Torrance Area Chamber
Trotwood Chamber
Tucson Metro Chamber
U.S. SBA, Montana Dist. Ofc.
Union County CVB
University of Illinois Ext.
Upper Sandusky/Wyandot County Chamber
Upper Tampa Bay Chamber
US SBA, Lubbock Dist. Ofc.
US SBA, nebraska Dist. Ofc.
Vail Chamber & Business Assn.
Valdez CVB
Valentine Chamber
Valley City-Barnes County Dev. Corp.
Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce
Virden Community Chamber of Commerce
Visit Baton Rouge
Visit Corvallis
Visit Oceanside Inc.
Wahoo Area Eco. Dev.
Wakarusa Chamber
Warner Robins CVB
Warren County Visitors Bur.
Warroad Area Chamber & CVB
Waseca Area Chamber
Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce
Waterford Chamber
Watertown CVB
Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce
Wayne County Chamber
Waynoka Chamber
Weaver Mountains Chamber of Commerce
Wells County Chamber
West Hollywood Chamber
West Metro Chamber & Visitors Center
West Richland Area Chamber
West Suburban Chamber
West Suburban Chamber & Ind.
West Yuma County Chamber
Westerville Area Chamber
Westlock & Dist. Chamber
Weston Florida Chamber of Commerce
Wethersfield Chamber
Wetumka Chamber
Wheeler County Chamber of Commerce
Wheeling CVB
White House Area Chamber of Commerce
Whitehall Chamber
Whitley County Chamber
Williams County Eco. Dev. Corp. [WEDCO]
Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber
Willits Chamber
Wills Point EDC
Winnetka-Northfield Chamber
Winnipeg Chamber
Woodstock Dist. Chamber
Yadkin County Chamber
York County Chamber of Commerce
Yuba-Sutter Eco. Dev. Corp.
Zanesville-Muskingum County Chamber
Zanesville-Muskingum County CVB